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Themis Barbecue Panipat: Barbecue Restaurant Menu, Price and More
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Yes, there’s a barbecue restaurant in the city by the name of Themis Barbecue Panipat. Stop by for the ultimate fine-dining barbecue experience. Themis Panipat is spread over a 7,500-square-foot area. Let us read further to learn more about it.

Address: 2nd Floor, ND Tower, Above Syndicate Bank, Sanjay Chowk, Panipat 132103

Contact: +91 7399 9999 60

Website: https://www.Themis -Barbecue-house-Panipat/

It is easy to access because the Panipat bus and railway station are approximately a kilometer away, and it takes hardly 10 minutes to reach.

Concept and Ambience

The concept behind Themis came all the way from Greece, and that is how the interiors are influenced by the classic as well as modern style. A lot of attention has been given to the detailing on the ceiling as well as the flooring. A series of grouped light bulbs are hung from the ceiling, casting a soft light. The columns on the walls have golden frames, making the place elegant. Large windows are kept to welcome the natural light to enhance the ambience. A sense of calm and comfort resides in the inner space, which makes Themis Barbeque Panipat an ideal place for leisurely dining or a casual meet-up.

Menu and Price at Themis Barbeque Panipat

Menu and Price at Themis Barbeque Panipat

The menu at Themis Barbeque Panipat is planned out well to cater to exquisite dining needs. Here, you can taste culinary delights, especially the buffet for lunch and dinner. Live counters and a global menu are things not to be missed. The cost of a buffet ranges from a decent amount of 500 to 1000 INR approximately. 

They have curated their vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to delight your taste buds. They have a platter of grilled vegetarian options, and meat and seafood options are available on the non-vegetarian menu. They have separate menus for the items to be served at the bar and the restaurant. Many dishes in the restaurant menu are under 500 INR, and the bar items cost a little more if you order buckets of 6 or 12. Otherwise, the single-serving cost starts from 100 rupees.

Signature dishes and Specialties

They specialise in serving Indian main courses, so if you visit them, remember to try the following items on their menu.

  • Their non-vegetarian salads, noodles, and biryani offer a variety of tastes. Their prawns and fish are also worth feasting upon.
  • On the vegetarian menu, try their lemon coriander soup, dahi ke kabab, crispy corn kernels, churrasco pineapple and Themis’s special salsa potato in the starters. The main courses, which are unmissable, are soya chaap butter masala, dal makhani, and bhuna jeera raita, which give a blissful taste.
  • On their bar menu, you can try many things, including Blended drinks, Martinis, Daiquiris, Liit, Shooters, Signature Cocktails, and Mocktails. Picks from the vineyards section are also good options.

Dining Experiencedinning

The luxury-themed Themis Barbecue Panipat delivers a dining affair to be remembered throughout our lives. The dining area has several tables paired with comfortable chairs, giving a communal feel. The infrastructure is well-made. The furniture arrangement merges with the theme of the restaurant. The setting in the dining area suggests that this is a cosy, casual dining restaurant. 

Their private dining services, along with tableside service and presentation of the food served on the table, are a feast for the eyes. Moreover, the irresistible fragrance of the food makes the dining experience nothing short of a culinary adventure.

Special Offers and Discounts 

Take advantage of the listed offers and discounts on your bills at Themis Barbecue Panipat, which can make your food taste even better. 

Student Offerstudent offer

Students get a flat 10% discount on their total lunch bill from 11:30 am-4:30 pm. They need to produce their valid ID cards. However, it is not valid while accompanying their


Corporate Discount

A group of a minimum of 10 members can avail of a Corporate Discount of 10%. At least half of the group must show their valid ID cards. This discount is not applicable while the corporates are accompanying their families.

Ladies Kitty Partykitty parties

A group of at least 10 ladies can avail of this benefit during lunch hours (11:30 am-4:30 pm) on weekdays from Monday through Friday. They can enjoy unlimited starters, main courses, soup, salad, desserts, and one round of soft drinks. Anyone, like kids accompanying their mothers, will be charged at regular prices.

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount is 100/- Off to those arriving earliest to enjoy a delightful dining

experience at Themis Barbecue Panipat.


Visit the one-of-a-kind Themis Barbecue Panipat, which offers a pleasant dining and lounging experience under one roof. Their well-curated menu delights both vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally and at nominal prices, giving you an ambience to die for.

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1. Does Themis Barbecue Panipat offer takeaway or delivery services?

Themis Barbecue Panipat offers dining services. You can only take away your leftover dishes; otherwise, they do not deliver food. You can try your local food delivery applications to get food from Themis.

2. Does Themis Barbecue Panipat have seating arrangements outdoors?

Outdoor seating is not available in Themis  Panipat, but its large windows welcome the natural light connecting you to the outer landscape.

3. Are reservations necessary at Themis Barbecue Panipat?

Reservations are not necessary, but when in doubt, you can call them directly to inquire about the availability of a table or book it instantly on call.

4. Are there any live events?

Yes, they organise live singing performances for their guests and other musical shows. There is a section, particularly a small stage, dedicated to the performances by local artists.  

5. Do they offer catering services for off-site events or parties?

No, they do not offer off-site catering services for private parties and events, but you can arrange a small get-together on your special occasions at the Themis  Panipat.


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