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Pyramid Panipat: Timetable, Booking, Menu Price, and more. 
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Pyramid Panipat is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. It is located in one of the posh localities of the city, which is easily accessible to locals and tourists. Pyramid Café Lounge is a brand opened by Sunveer Sondhi in 2013. Join us on our journey to explore more about Pyramid Panipat.

 Address: Model town, Panipat, India, Haryana

Contact number: 089731 00001, 7470007777

Pyramid Panipat: Multifaceted Destination 

Pyramid Panipat: Multifaceted Destination 

Pyramid Panipat is a one-of-a-kind, multifaceted destination. It is a cafe during the day, a lounge in the evening, and a club at night. It is a pioneer in establishing the Lounge, Clubbing, and Microbrewery experience all under one roof.

Micro Brewery

Micro Brewery

Pyramid Panipat is one of the largest microbreweries in India. The freshly brewed craft beers in the silver shinning barrels in the Pyramid Panipat microbrewery equally attract Craft beer lovers and beer enthusiasts. Cherish the art of brewing and the unique taste of freshly crafted beers. Along with your beers, you can also grab the “daru snacks” on their menu. You can order drought beer, freshly brewed beer, and pitcher as well.

Lounge & Bar

Lounge & Bar


Suit yourself at the Pyramid’s warm and comfortable lounge and bar. The lounge has plush seating options. It can accommodate a group of friends or family members easily on a single table. The infrastructure is all modern and adds to the classic taste of the Pyramid’s Theme lounge. The seating arrangement is at a distance from the bar. Everything is well organized in the same place yet offers personalised service.



Pyramid Panipat serves as a cafe for casual meetings with friends or colleagues. The menu at the cafe offers light refreshments. It mainly includes beverages, and with those, Pyramid Panipat serves some of its starters in the daytime.

Best NightclubNIGHT CLUB

Pyramid Panipat turns into a club at night, and you will experience vibrant energy. Youngsters mostly like to visit at night. Pyramid Panipat is the best nightclub in the city for partying all night. You can enjoy drinks at the bar, snacks, and main-course meals at night as well.

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall

Pyramid Panipat’s banquet hall is a luxurious setting reserved for large private gatherings. It requires a prior booking. 

Menu Highlights

They mainly serve Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines with International drinks. The menu prices are affordable; most items cost multiples of hundred rupees. In Pyramid Panipat, you can enjoy the great vibe at tempting prices.

  • A vast range of beers, wines, cocktails, aperitifs, shooters, brandy, flamers, imported scotch, whiskeys, rums, gins, and vodkas on the bar menu. 
  • Guests visit Pyramid Panipat to savor the irresistible taste of their hand-tossed pizzas, made in a firewood oven with fresh, seasonal ingredients crafted by their expert pizzaiolos.
  • They serve world-class cocktails and mocktails; choose your favourite one at affordable prices. 

Timetable and Services Offered

Since Pyramid Panipat offers various sections, its timetable also varies. Its operational hours are from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., and it offers delivery, takeaway, and dine-in services.

Atmosphere and Ambience

It is an Egyptian-inspired place that is liked and appreciated by both youngsters and adults. Egyptian statues are placed at the entrance, and you will notice the Egyptian-style decorations in the interiors as well. It is a chic place to visit with your colleagues after a tiring work day. The liquor bottles rest peacefully on the mirror display counter behind the aesthetically designed classic bar. The dim lighting adds to the mystic vibe. 

As you step inside, you are greeted by a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. If you are planning to have a fun time, then you must visit Pyramid Panipat with your friends and family to grab a wide range of well-crafted beers along with a huge range of food delicacies in a light, casual atmosphere. The musical background lightens the mood and relaxes your mind as well. 

Memorable Experiences

At the Pyramid Panipat, the friendly staff welcomes you with a warm smile and even leads you toward your designated spot. You easily get comfortable in the atmosphere. You will become a fan of their quick service, quality food, and fresh beverage assortment. The place is nicely decorated, with all the infrastructure arranged properly. The lounge, bar, cafe, and restaurant’s seating arrangement is well managed in the allocated space. Everything clubbed together creates an experience that you can hardly forget.

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Pyramid Panipat is an alluring destination that transitions from a café by day to a lounge in the evening and transforms into a vibrant nightclub after dark. Its plush seating, warm atmosphere, chic ambience, and delectable menu at affordable prices promise a memorable experience for both youngsters and adults. Visit once and keep coming back to indulge in the charm of Pyramid Panipat. 


  • Are reservations required for dining or events at Pyramid Panipat?

Yes, reserving your table at Pyramid Panipat while dining with friends or family is suggested, especially when it is a larger group or personal affair. Guests book their tables through their website or by calling them. They also have a mobile application called Pyramid VIP.

  • Can Pyramid Panipat accommodate special dietary requirements?

Yes, Pyramid Panipat accommodates special dietary requirements well. Its menu offers various options for vegans, vegetarians, and nonvegetarians. For example, if you are controlling your calorie intake, you can try their salad. So, they have something for every guest visiting the restaurant. Even they appreciate it if the guests openly convey their special dietary requirements.

  • Is there a live event at Pyramid Panipat?

Live events like DJ nights, as well as other live dancing and singing events, are often arranged at Pyramid Panipat.

  • Is Pyramid Panipat wheelchair accessible? 

Yes, Pyramid Panipat provides accessibility for all its guests, including those with mobility challenges. Facilities for guests in wheelchairs include wheelchair ramps and accessible restrooms.


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