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Malls in Panipat: Shopping, Movies, Food and Funtime
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Shopping malls in Panipat are the vibrant hubs of commercial activity, social interaction, and leisure pursuits for youngsters as well as adults. Panipat is a historical city that has embraced this modern mall culture with the establishment of several malls across the city. Let us read further to learn more about the best malls in Panipat.

Mittal Mega MallMittal Mega Mall

Mittal Mega Mall has earned itself a reputation as one of the prominent shopping destinations in the city. It is also the oldest and the biggest mall in Panipat. Mittal Mega Mall is a multi-story construction spread over 2 acres of space in Sector 25 Panipat. Its ground floor is dedicated to entertainment and some commercial stores; the rest of the brand outlets are located on the first and second floors. You can visit the mall at

Address: Plot SM-3 & 4 Sector 25 II, Haryana 132103

Phone: 0172 270 2955

It only takes around 15 minutes on foot to reach Mittal Mega Mall from Panipat’s railway junction as well as its bus terminal.

Highlighted features and attractions

Primarily, you are facilitated with lifts and escalators in the mall, making it easy to access numerous stores on different floors, which could have been difficult to access by climbing stairs. Therefore, simplify your shopping experience with kids and family.

Moreover, you can also engage your kids in the fun zone area on the ground floor. These include interactive games, rides, arcade games, trampoline, and soft play areas. 

Variety of Brand Stores

You can shop from various branded clothing stores like Duke, CobB, woodland, Jockey, Xpose, Pepe Jeans, Mufti, and Numero Uno. Footwear brands like Bata, Reebok, and Adidas can be found here. You can also find saloons, Archies gallery, and spa outlets as well. Lastly, Big Bazaar is for your essential home needs.

Entertainment Options

There are various entertainment options available for everyone in Panipat’s Mega Mall, listed below.

  • Cinepolis Fun Cinemas – Watching movies is the prime option for enjoying leisure time with family and friends, so Mittal Mega Mall in Panipat offers Cinepolis Fun Cinemas’ multi-screen theater. 
  • Food Court – McDonald’s is the biggest food outlet opened on the ground floor. Moreover, you can enjoy eating fast food and different types of Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Continental dishes with comfortable seating arrangements.

Services and Amenities

Various public services are available for your convenience, including neat and clean restrooms, spacious parking, comfortable seating, and security to enhance your overall experience in the Mittal Mega Mall.

Unity One, Panipat (Fun City Mall)Unity One Mall, Panipat (Fun City Mall)

Unity One Mall, Panipat, also known as the Fun City Mall Panipat by the locals, is a unity group initiative. It is a retail space to satisfy your desire to shop. Unity One Mall, Panipat, offers every convenience found in a retail establishment under one roof. They have tried to keep a balance of international and local brands, entertainment areas, and parking spaces with effective infrastructure.

Address: Preet Vihar, Tehsil Camp, National Highway 1, Panipat, Haryana 132103 

Phone: +91 9896133350


It is located in an easily accessible area for the locals, and even visitors will hardly take ten to fifteen minutes to reach it from Panipat’s bus terminal and railway junction. A luxurious ambience with lifts and escalators to move easily from one floor to another. 

Clothing Brand

Shop from a renowned Birla Group clothing store, Pantaloons. Shop from the finest collection of women’s, men’s, and children’s wear.

Entertainment Options

For your wholesome experience, you can opt to watch a movie or enjoy food. Shopping and entertainment are all under one roof.

  • PVR Cinemas

A great entertainment theater with multiple screens is located on one of the top floors of the Unity One Mall Panipat to relax while watching movies with your friends and family.

  • Food Courts

Unity group has partnered with Haldirams and Pizza Hut. So you can enjoy your favorite pizzas from the Pizza Hut outlet and explore Indian snacks and namkeens at Haldirams.

  • Services and Amenities

Various services and amenities at Unity One Mall Panipat include parking for jam-free roads along with centralised air conditioning, restrooms, and wheelchair access.

Raheja Mall, PanipatRaheja Mall, Panipat

Raheja Mall is a part of Raheja Trade Towers in Panipat under the name of Raheja Developers. It is a complex which has space for everything from corporate offices, shopping malls, and food courts to multiplex theaters. 

Address: 9XHC+8PX, Krishanpura, Panipat, Haryana 132103

Its location on the 8-lane expressway of Main NH-1 (or G.T. Road) makes it easily accessible. Its location is opposite the acclaimed Hotel Gold, Panipat.

It is an expansive complex spreading over 3 lakh square feet in total in Panipat. It is home to the local wholesale exporters of Handloom and Pickles with the purpose of providing them space to showcase their products and promote their export sales.

 Highlighted features and attractions

There is LAN connectivity all around for internal networking, Wi-Fi, or Wi-max I.T. Infrastructure, mainly for commercial stores. Moreover, there are escalators, power backups, fire fighting systems, and CCTV for the convenience of the visitors.

Services and Amenities

Raheja Mall has an underground multi-storied parking lot; along with that, you would not like to miss out on its interior and exterior terraces, gardens, and landscaping. It also has a statutory green belt and service road around the complex.

Angel Prime Mallangel prime mall

Angel Prime Mall is a prominent local attraction, especially for movie lovers. It is located at 

Address: 521, Sector 12, Huda, Panipat, Haryana, 132103

Movie lovers can spot it easily in the city and can use local public transportation. You will find Cinecare Multiplex on the 2nd floor, and the current showtimes are available online on platforms like BookMyShow and Paytm to book your tickets online. The mall is known for its budget-friendly food options, making it an ideal destination for families and groups. there are several restaurants and cafes located in the mall, including Pizza Wings Panipat and Domino’z Pizza. The mall is also known for its specialty in shoes, handbags, and clothes. Apart from that, this complex owns a parking facility to avoid traffic on roads.


Panipat’s malls provide a vibrant mix of shopping, movies, food, and fun! Mittal Mega Mall boasts major brands and a fun zone, while Unity One Mall offers PVR Cinemas and international alongside local stores. Raheja Mall features corporate offices, shops, and a theater, while Angel Prime Mall draws movie lovers with its Cinecare Multiplex. Each mall offers parking and convenient access, so choose the one that fits your shopping, entertainment, and family fun needs!


Are there any special events or promotions held in Panipat malls?

Malls in Panipat are among the places where huge crowds gather; therefore, many special events and promotional advertisements are done in Panipat’s malls.

How should I stay updated on the latest offers and events at Panipat malls?

You can keep up with the latest offers and events at Panipat malls, individuals can follow the  social media handles of the malls in panipat or subscribe to their newsletters.

Are there any facilities for senior citizens or people with disabilities in Panipat malls?

Yes, the malls in Panipat are accessible to senior citizens as well as people with disabilities. The ones with disabilities should especially use outdoor ramps and then lifts inside the malls in Panipat.

Are there any fitness centers or gyms in Panipat malls?

Malls in Panipat are places to shop, watch movies, have fun, and enjoy food. So, you will not find any fitness centers or gyms in Panipat malls.


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