Hospitals in Panipat List: Multi-specialty, Private and Government



Hospitals in Panipat: Multi-speciality, Private and Government
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There are numerous multi-specialty, private, and government hospitals in Panipat. These hospitals are well equipped with modern high-tech machines and highly qualified teams of doctors to cure the patients. You will find a diversified range of hospitals in Panipat, such as trauma centres, women’s and child care hospitals, ENT hospitals, eye care hospitals, cancer hospitals, heart care hospitals, and other important medical centres. We bring you here a list of some of the hospitals in Panipat. 

Dr Prem Hospital – Super-Speciality & Cancer Hospital 

Dr Prem Hospital - Super-Speciality & Cancer Hospital 

Lala Harbhagwan Dass Memorial Dr. Prem Hospital – Super-Speciality & Cancer Hospital has partnered with various corporate and third-party administrators to make it accessible and affordable to all. The hospital is supported by the Haryana government, various insurance companies, IOCL, BSNL, FCI, NFL, and a number of third-party administrators. Individuals complying with these partners can get the best medical treatment at a comparatively lower cost.

  • Address: Bishan Sarup Colony, Opp Bus Stand, Panipat
  • Contact Number: (0180) 4090700, 4008431

Ravindra Multispeciality Hospital, Panipat

Ravindra Multispeciality Hospital, PanipatRavindra Multispeciality Hospital, Panipat, opened in 1985 and has been working for the benefit of patients by providing nursing care because they consider it to be as important as diagnosing and treating patients. It specialises in knee, hip, and shoulder replacement, revision, arthroscopy, and reconstruction. They also deal in ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Reconstruction, Sports Injury, Spine Surgery, Fractures and trauma, Foot And Ankle Reconstruction, and Physiotherapy and rehabilitation of patients.

  • Address: 638, Model Town, Panipat – 132145
  • Contact number: (0180) 2650380, 2651331

G C Gupta Hospital, Panipat

G C Gupta Hospital, Panipat

The G.C. Gupta Hospital opened its doors in 1990 with a mission to serve all by offering preventive, curative, diagnostic, and emergency healthcare services. They are ENT specialists who deal with all aspects of the Ear, Nose, and Throat. You can visit the doctors at the provided address if you are facing any respiratory issues. They also have specialists who deal with urological disorders in men and women. 

  • Address: 372- 373, Huda, Sector- 11, Phase-1, Panipat – 132103
  • Contact number: (0180) 2662653, 2697848, 9812060848

Civil Hospital, Panipat

Civil Hospital, PanipatCivil Hospital, Panipat, is a government medical facility in the public service. It has departments for General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Treatment Procedures, Dental Procedures, and Paediatrics. Being a government-operated establishment, it has a nominal fee and provides respite to those who cannot afford the fees charged by the doctors in private hospitals. 

  • Address: Near Bus Stand, Panipat – 132103
  • Contact: (0180) 2645454, 2644102, 2630102

IBM Hospital And Trauma Centre Panipat

IBM Hospital And Trauma Centre PanipatIBM Hospital & Trauma Centre was established in March 2008 under the management of Dr. Gaurav Sirivatsav. Accredited by NABH, it offers free OPD services and a wide array of health services to those seeking timely medical attention, attempting to prioritise well-being over everything else. The best healthcare professionals here at IBM Panipat provide advanced comprehensive healthcare to their trauma patients. 

  • Address: 957 Sanoli Road, near SBI Bank, Huda, Panipat
  • Contact Number: +91 99962 73638

Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital, Panipat

Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital, Panipat

Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital, Panipat, is a 70-bed healthcare unit. The hospital has treated around a million patients. It offers the most comprehensive care in 20+ specialist fields, including Laparoscopic Surgery, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, Neurology, orthopaedics, Dietetics, Nephrology, Urology, Gynaecology, Anaesthesiology, and Cardiology. You can visit them at the following address and call on the number given regarding any queries.

  • Address: Near Devi Mandir, Panipat – 132103
  • Contact Number: (0180) 4015877, 9034003855, 9215163855
  • Website:

The Kidney Hospital, Panipat

The Kidney Hospital, Panipat

Kidney Hospital is one of the best multi-disciplinary and specialised Kidney Stone Treatment hospitals in Panipat, India. With the help of experienced laparoscopic surgeons, urologists, and nephrologists, they perform Laser Kidney Stone Surgery, Laparoscopic Kidney Stone Removal Surgery, and more with utmost care. You can reach out to them at the following address, and you can book your appointment with the expert doctors at The Kidney Hospital Panipat prior to visiting the hospital.

Panipat Heart Hospital

Panipat Heart HospitalPanipat Heart Hospital specialises in providing complete heart care services, ranging from preventive heart checks to Emergency Angioplasties to Advanced Heart surgeries. Its reliable and dedicated Cardiovascular team provides compassionate care to every patient. Panipat Heart Hospital has built a reputation for providing timely intensive care to its cardiac patients. You can contact them to keep a check on various emergency procedures followed to take utmost care.

Park Hospital Panipat

Park Hospital PanipatPark Hospital Panipat is a 200-bed hospital with 40 ICU beds. It is the 8th hospital in the Park Group of Hospitals. It is well renowned for its exceptional cancer treatment, oncology, urology, pulmonology, and cardiology. Moreover, it is one of the units of Park Medicity India Pvt Ltd, a private hospital with various departments handling patients with chronic diseases who need critical care.

Rainbow Hospital Panipat

Panipat Rainbow Hospital

Rainbow Hospital, a multispecialty hospital with 65 beds, focuses on child health and paediatric subspecialties. It offers a Pregnancy Package for Normal Delivery and a Caesarean delivery. It has a specialised Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, each with experienced doctors, nurses, and support staff to provide the best care for patients.

  • Address: 152 R, Near Lal Tanki Market Ram Lal Chowk, Model Town, Panipat
  • Contact number: 0180-2650142

Hyderabadi Hospital Panipat

Hyderabadi Panipat hospital

Hyderabadi General Hospital & Nursing Home is a 24-hour facility. It treats patients at reasonable rates and is well-equipped with modern machines to perform Angiography, Stenting, Pacemaker, Echo, Eps, RFA, and ICD. It is under Dr. Sunil Kumar Sofat, who is an MD in Medicine, D.N.B cardiology, and a former Cardiac Specialist. Get in touch if you are looking for the best heart care facility in Panipat.

  • Address: 9XPC+9VV, Sanoli Road, Sanjay Chowk, Panipat, Haryana 132103
  • Contact number: 0180-4006092, +91 9992500368

Pahuja hospital in Panipat

Pahuja hospital Panipat

Pahuja Hospital Urology & Laparoscopy Centre is one of the pioneer hospitals in Panipat, providing all types of minimally invasive surgical options. This hospital is led by Dr. Naresh Pahuja, who holds an MBBS and MS degree. The hospital’s affiliation with the Ayushman Bharat program allows qualified individuals to receive high-quality medical care. It also has affiliations with a large number of private Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), including ICICI, Vidal, Star Health, Medi Assist, Raksha TPA, Paramount, and many others.

  • Address: 18, behind Skylark, Nehru Nagar, Panipat
  • Contact number: 0180 264 2030

City Hospital – Eye and Dental Care CentreCity Hospital Panipat - eye and dental care

Get Squint Refractive Surgery and Glaucoma Retina Check-ups here at City Hospital Panipat, an advanced eye & dental care centre. With well-trained and experienced staff, one gets intensive care even after their treatment. The Dental care at City Hospital is best for routine check-ups, treatments for various eye dental conditions, surgeries, and other specialised procedures.

Address: Sanoli Road, Panipat – 132104

Contact number: 9355110374, 9812347463

Gupta Eyes Hospital

Gupta Eyes Hospital

Since its inception in 1985, Gupta Eyes Hospital Panipat has offered specialised treatment for various eye conditions. It is known for Cataract Surgery, LASIK Laser, Vitreoretinal Services, Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Macular Edema, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Retinal Detachment, Glaucoma Services, Pediatric Services, Ocular Trauma, and Conjunctivitis. You will get the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical equipment from reputed brands to provide high-quality eye care.

Address: 332-R, Model Town, Panipat

Contact number: 097285 00332

Oscar Super-Speciality Hospital Oscar Super-Speciality Hospital Panipat

The General Disciplines at Oscar Super-speciality Hospital Panipat are Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dentistry, and Cardiology. Oscar Hospital is known for providing maximum health care to its patients, including personalised medical attention, and facilitates a friendly environment and affordable prices. It is conveniently situated across from PVR Cinemas in the HUDA sector of Panipat. Oscar Super Speciality & Trauma Centre in Panipat is one of the independent units of Oscar Health Services. Just like other hospitals in Panipat, stay assured that the best team of doctors will treat you right here in Panipat at the Oscar Super-Speciality Hospital.

Address: Grand Trunk Rd, Sector – 6, HUDA, Panipat

Contact number: 070279 00009

Sanjeevani Nursing Home 

Sanjeevani Nursing Home Panipat

The doctors at Sanjeevani Nursing Home in Panipat GT Road are Paediatricians. They are responsible for taking care of the specific needs of a growing child. The doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating health issues in infants and kids. They have expertise in monitoring various changes in the behaviour and the mental and physical growth of children at every stage.

  • Address: Insar Bazar Rd, Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat
  • Contact number: 0180 263 2642

Archana Scanning Centre 

Archana is a healthcare facility best known for its Diagnostic Centre, Ultrasound Scan Centre,  and CT MRI Scan centre in Panipat. The cost of a scan varies from Rs 2000 to Rs 15,000, depending on the type and other factors. You can access reports as early as possible, sometimes on the spot, and there are chances you can access them online. No recurrent visits are required to get your scan reports.

Address: 718, Huda Sector 11, Huda, Panipat, Haryana 132103

Contact number: 098120 02899

Narayan Datt Hospital 

Narayan Datt Hospital PanipatNarayan Datt is a private healthcare facility in Panipat. It has a team of specialised doctors in General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Critical Care, General Medicine, and Paediatrics. Narayan Datt is known best for treating malaria, ENT problems, chest or lung problems, and problems during pregnancy. Serving the patients with the best care at an affordable cost of treatment.

Address: Model Town, Panipat

Contact number: 0180-2697786, 9068254975

Lotus Hospital, Panipat

Lotus Hospital Panipat

Lotus Hospital is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN) Hospital in Panipat. Successfully treating patients under the guidance of Dr. Dipender Gahlyan, who is an M.B.B.S, M.S. (Orthopaedic). It is equipped with modern facilities and 24×7 emergency facilities. The doctors here personally take care of the mother and the child. They are completely transparent in conveying the health issues and the treatment they perform to the patients. 

  • Address: Sanoli Road, Opp. Gangapuri Road, Panipat, Haryana 132103
  • Contact number: 0180-4008962

Max PLUS Hospital Panipat

Max PLUS Hospital Panipat


Max Plus Hospital is a 55-bed super specialty hospital and trauma center offering advanced medical treatment. It is a multi-specialty private hospital with departments of General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Genitourinary Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Critical Care, General Medicine, Chest diseases, and respiratory medicine(Pulmonology).

  • Address: Sanoli Road, Manmohan Nagar, Panipat
  • Contact number: 090530 00731


You do not have to worry about your health issues when in Panipat. This city is well-versed in multispecialty and superspecialty hospitals, with experienced doctors and skilled staff to provide the best healthcare at affordable treatment costs. Many from the neighbouring suburbs also travel to Panipat for treatment in the best hospitals.


1. Which is the best dialysis centre in Panipat?

There are various dialysis facilities in the hospitals in the city, like the one in the emergency department on the first floor of the Civil Hospital Panipat, the nephrology department in The Park Hospital, and the Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Center in Ravindra Hospital. Moreover, you will find a few independent dialysis centres in Panipat as well, like the Mahant Hemant Daas Dialysis Center (MHDDC) located in Block TDI, Sector 23 B, Shanti Colony, Panipat, and others.

2. Do hospitals in Panipat have pharmacies?

You will find pharmacies in almost every hospital in Panipat. Patients do not have to take the stress of running to different medical facility centres. Sometimes, the medicines advised by the doctors are only available in the respective pharmacies of the hospitals.

3. Does any hospital in panipat own a blood bank?

There are various blood banks in Panipat. To name a few of them are Bharat Blood Bank, Red Cross Blood Bank, and Prem Blood Bank. Some hospitals where you can find blood banks are Cygnus Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital Blood Bank, Red Cross Hospital, Red Drop Hyderabadi Blood Centre, and Artios Blood Centre.

4. Are there any hospitals for neuropsychiatry in Panipat?

There are various Neuropsychiatry hospitals in Panipat, such as Brain Care Centre, Advanced Neuro-Spine & Trauma Center, Dr. Varun’s Neuropsychiatry and Drug De-addiction Center, Lyfsmile, and Happiness and Well-Being Psychological Services, among other clinics and psychologists.


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